Photo Edit: Studio Portrait of Maria Spektor

I had the opportunity to take the portrait of artist Maria Spektor. It was a fun collaboration and this video above is one of the photo edits from the session. 

Technical Talk: I shot the images on a grey background, with two lights.  Main light from an Einstein 640 strobe with gridded octobox.  Cut light from a Photoflex studio strobe with a 7" reflector with a 20 degree grid.  At first I added a red gel to the cut light, but the color pulled away from the red rose, so I removed that and left it natural.

Technical Talk: For this, I started with beauty lighting, but then chose to use just one light, the Einstein with octobox, coming from Maria's left, almost overhead.

Thanks to:  Subject/Collaborator: @vivalaspektor     Makeup: @ayexbee_