Immortal at 1/500th of a second

Immortal at 1/500th of a second 

I believe that photography is a way to live forever, a photograph is a way to freeze time and capture light. Its a magical thing that allows people from the future to glimpse into the past; an almost perfect time capsule, it's a true reflection in reality at that very moment. Although photographs can be set up or hoaxed in that 1/500th of a second, the moment is frozen in time and it's a true reflection of the artists' imagination and a glimpse into that persons' reality at that very moment. Therefore the subject and imagination of the artist is immortal as long as the print lives on for someone to find it, or in our case as long as the digital file is in the cloud and people are surfing the web, the artist and subject are immortal.   

Old Photos-.jpeg

The moment is true whether It's set up or just captured as it happens, immortality can be achieved one frame at a time. 

Photographs are our history.  They are the way we communicate when language gets in the way...that's why I'm a photographer, to capture history to show the world that you and I exist, to show your kids and my kids our youth. This is the reason I love photography. I can make you immortal years after your body has become one with the earth.  I just want to capture the light reflection off of you and freeze it so we can live on, not only in memory but in one five hundredth of a second.

Yes I'm scared of death,

but I know my imagination will

live past my death.